Business Law for Formation & Startup

For entrepreneurs starting a new business, the business law issues you face can be daunting: whether to conduct business as an entity (e.g., a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership) or some other form (e.g., sole proprietorship, joint venture); what filings and permits are required to form, incorporate, and operate the business; and how to lease or purchase a place in which to do business, are just a few. You need a business law attorney experienced at working with the challenges of starting a new business, a lawyer who can assist you in developing your plans, making good decisions to enact those plans, and executing to see those plans through.

Business Law for Ongoing Business

Once established, owners and managers face even more business law issues: how to develop or analyze a business contract or agreement; how to acquire and protect business assets; how to deal with employees of various types; and how to get paid for the goods or services you provide, among others. You need a business lawyer to draft, review, and enforce agreements and contracts, including employee contracts, and work with your business, an attorney experienced in business law ranging from restaurants to road building, from technology to tattoo artists, and from developers to dog breeders. Our broad range of business law experience allows us to quickly recognize and understand the needs of your business, and work with you to meet those needs.

Entity Ownership and Management

In addition to the challenges of managing the business operations, there is the separate and additional business law challenge of managing the organization internally. Whether a small business or a larger business dealing with business partners, other members of a limited liability company, or shareholders or directors, or whether interpreting bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, or shareholder agreements, managing the organization can sometimes be harder than managing the business. You need a lawyer experienced in the applicable business law to properly plan and draft agreements so that understandings don’t become misunderstandings, agreements don’t become disagreements, and friends and family don’t become foes. We strongly recommend that you consult our business law attorneys early in the process so that we can raise and properly address important issues before they become legal problems. If disputes do arise among partners, members, or shareholders, you need a business law attorney to work to facilitate a resolution or, if necessary, provide the necessary litigation support.

Business Law for Entity Purchase, Sale, or Dissolution

Transferring ownership of all or part of a business entity can be rewarding or frustrating, or both. If you want to purchase a business or sell a business or business equipment, and want to maximize the reward of the transaction, you need a business law attorney experienced with commercial transactions of various types, including business purchases, sales, and mergers. Our business lawyers will use our experience for your benefit.

Sometimes it is time for a business or business association to end. During such a transition, the financial and emotional elements intertwine. You need an attorney experienced in business law to guide these “just business” interactions between friends or family or business associates or partners to avoid hurt feelings, or worse. Craig Law Firm lawyers work with our clients to resolve these matters in the best manner possible.

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