Construction Law

Our firm represents owners, builders, contractors, subcontractors, architects, and developers in residential, commercial, and development construction law matters. This broad range of clients helps us understand the issues that arise in construction and property development matters from all sides. When possible it is best to have us involved early in the process so that we can assist in planning for the project, in developing or reviewing contracts and agreements, in meeting the applicable governmental requirements, in preparing for and participating in the construction bid process, and in dealing with the issues that arise in the course of a project, and sometimes after its completion.

With the many variables that can affect a construction or development project, from soils to slope, from wildlife to weather, from funding to zoning, it is best to contact an attorney familiar with construction law early to foresee and avoid or account for as many issues as possible.

We also assist in resolving construction law disputes that arise, including litigation where necessary. As in most disputes, resolution through good faith negotiation supported by facts is the most practical method. However, emotions often run high when someone’s home or business is involved, which can be detrimental to reasonable resolution. Having an attorney familiar with all aspects of construction law can make resolution much more efficient and economical, whether in negotiation or litigation.

Construction Lien Placement and Defense

Under certain circumstances, North Carolina construction law allows contractors, subcontractors, and architects to place liens on funds or real property to allow them to collect properly owed payments. We also assist property owners and contractors in resolving or defending lien claims.

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