Property Law Regarding Real or Personal Property

Real property law matters, for land and real estate, include a broad range of needs, issues, and disputes, from negotiating, reviewing, or developing residential and commercial lease or purchase agreements, leases, to property management or use agreements, to easements and right-of-ways, to property rights and access and boundary disputes. While this firm does not do real estate closings, we are familiar with real estate transfer laws and requirements, and how disputes in those areas can arise.

Regarding personal property, we develop and review contracts and agreements, including franchise agreements, equipment leases, shipping and transportation agreements, and more.

Property Rights

Property law rights can be infringed upon by neighbors, communities, or governments. You need an attorney familiar with property law and experienced in enforcing or defending your property rights, whether personal property rights or real property rights. Our lawyers help persons or entities understand the law, and their rights within the law. We represent clients in trying to resolve matters without litigation, but also understand that sometimes a lawsuit is required. We represent clients in matters ranging from presentations to homeowner’s association boards to court proceedings in civil court.

We also represent property owners and developers in petitions and appeals to and from governmental agencies and boards, including planning boards and commissions, boards of adjustment, Boards of Equalization and Review, Property Tax Commission, County Commissioners, and state agencies.

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